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Firm Overview

Wambolt & Associates is an independent, planning-based wealth management firm. We partner with you and your family to successfully transition from today to retirement, managing key milestones along the journey – financial planning, investment management, tax planning and more. We are fee-based Registered Investment Advisors (RIA), which means we have a fiduciary responsibility to our clients.

At Wambolt & Associates, we embrace the words traditional and conservative because regardless of your end goal, you can’t get there if we don’t protect the assets you’ve already worked hard to earn.

Because we’re independent, we align your investments with your goals. We are not compensated for promoting specific product, funds or insurance. We can recommend strategic choices 100% free from conflict of interest.

Our team extends beyond our office. We recommend attorneys, accountant and other advisors to ensure you have the right people working on your behalf. Let us put our network of specialists to work for you.

And if you ultimately want to leave a financial legacy, we’re equipped to help you prepare your wealth for your family or a charitable endowment.

Wambolt & Associates – your wealth management partner.

Firm History

Greg Wambolt launched Wambolt & Associates in 1986. At that time, the industry was focused on providing needs-based analysis to clients and offering insurance, disability, mutual fund annuities and other investments.

In the late ’90s, the firm changed their core focus to asset management, with the financial plan as the foundation. And the business model shifted to fee-based from commission- or transaction-based.

The most recent business shift took place in 2010 when Wambolt & Associates transferred their custodial relationship from Northwestern Mutual to Charles Schwab. With Charles Schwab as the custodian, the firm has more flexibility to act on behalf of clients and provide independent, unbiased solutions.

Today, Wambolt & Associates touts a full team of employees and contractors providing comprehensive financial solutions for the firm’s clients.

The Team

Greg Wambolt, CFP® CLU CHFC | Senior Wealth Management Advisor

Greg Headshot - CroppedGreg founded Wambolt & Associates 25 years ago because he believes clients deserve access to a firm that listens to their needs, takes their financial goals seriously and delivers actionable solutions. Greg has nothing to sell, except advice – though he readily admits that learning goes both ways. He’s built Wambolt & Associates to deliver a team approach to service and ensures there are no conflicts of interest. Over the past several decades, Greg’s witnessed the best and worst of the industry’s ups and downs and believes that there’s no substitute to the knowledge that comes with experience.

In addition to building a business legacy, Greg wants to leave a family legacy. His financial and estate plans include saving for future Wambolt generations.

Cindy Alvarez | Director of Client Relations

Cindy Headshot - CroppedThe most rewarding aspect of working in this business is guiding clients through a world of complexity. It’s not always about planning and saving, it’s about helping with life’s adversity. It’s the loss of a loved one, unemployment, illness, etc. when clients tend to need us the most.

With that said, we have an approach that involves knowing everything about our clients by spending time with them. Our approach is personal, not commercial, and it’s the reason I consider myself to be in the “people” business.

It begins with building trust and a solid relationship. It involves listening so that decisions truly reflect our client’s goals. We want to know where clients are headed on their journey, and who’s going to care for those left behind when the journey comes to an end.

I am much like the clients we serve; I have two kids who dream big so we’re working toward a plan for our future which includes college savings as well as retirement so that we can all “live the dream.”

Kerry Sheets | Operations Associate

Kerry Headshot - CroppedIf I told you how many years of experience I’ve had in the financial industry, it would make me feel OLD… so let’s just say it’s somewhere just north of 20 years. I spent over 16 years at Merrill Lynch, and then worked as a traveling consultant for Merrill Lynch on a Transition team, transitioning financial advisors from one brokerage house to another.

The nice thing about working at Wambolt & Associates is the steady client interaction. Our purpose is to really know our clients, their spouses, children, and others who help manage our clients – like CPAs, attorneys, etc. We try to go beyond what our clients expect from us.

I truly enjoy helping clients achieve their goals and sometimes their dreams, especially when those dreams include travel to Europe, which is one of my own dreams.

Andrew Jenkins | Senior Investment Analyst

Andrew Headshot - CroppedI am the newest member to join Greg Wambolt and his team. I have over 20 years of experience in financial planning, investment management, and insurance solutions.

Greg and I began speaking almost one year before I was offered a position on the team. Over that period of time, we got to know each other and we discussed our philosophies and our visions. What intrigued me about Greg and his practice, besides the longevity and the success, was his unique approach to financial planning and wealth management.

The concept of working as a team in our industry is something that is talked about a lot, but seldom put into practice effectively. The work environment is friendly and relaxed yet intensely focused. And, unlike some other firms I have worked for, the focus is on the client and not the advisor. We are all very driven to find the best solutions for our clients. We are always working on changing some of the investment strategies that we offer to our clients. The reason for the change is multi- faceted, but it comes down to one basic fact – our firm will not be successful if we cannot help our clients to realize success, not only in their portfolios but in the rest of their lives as well.

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